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Hello fellow Campers, Camp Cross Volunteers, and Camp Cross Parents! Over the month of August we have been focusing on 1 Peter 2:17 which reads, “Show proper respect to everyone.” This past Sunday (8/20/17) we discussed a topic that all parents wish could be repeated EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. What was this topic you might ask? Good question! This past Sunday Mr. Mark, Ms. Olivia and Mr. Blake had taught the Campers about what the Bible says when it comes to showing proper respect to…...........

Okay, before we get too far into what we learned I just wanted to highlight a couple things that have been happening in CAMP CROSS this past month! We celebrated theCross’s sixth birthday, we learned what the Bible says to show respect to everyone (no, this is not what we learned this past week), and we have seen that picking favorites can really hurt those around you. Just ask this kid how it feels (until he gets the ball...)

Throughout the next couple of weeks, we want to encourage all the Camp Cross Parents, to engage in conversation about what it means to show proper respect with your Camper. Challenge them by asking about what they have been learning these past Sundays! This is a great thing to do on the drive home from church, during lunch or dinner, or even on the drive to or from school. We are confident that your Camper will be excited to share about what they have learned in CAMP CROSS

We also want to highlight all of our Camp Cross Volunteers! Sunday’s would not be possible without you and your willingness to serve each and every Sunday. It is because of you that the children who come through the doors of CAMP CROSS every single Sunday are able to experience the love of Jesus! 

On a volunteer note, we will be having a Camp Cross training session this upcoming Sunday (8/27) right after the second service and then another one on Tuesday (8/29) from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. We hope that if you are a current volunteer or are interested in becoming a volunteer in CAMP CROSS we would love to see you at one of these two training times. We will have food and drinks, so come hungry; we’ll see you there! Visit our main page HERE and sign up for one of the two trainings!

Ok, so the moment you have been waiting for!

This past Sunday we learned about showing proper respect to......................(drum roll...)


This is a topic that I am sure each and every one of you would love to discuss to with your Camper, so I encourage you to do so! Most of them talked about how they could be better at cleaning their rooms, doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, and doing whatever they can to help out their parents and show them proper respect! 

We hope that you have time to dive into discussion with your Camper at some point this week and if you feel called to serve with us sign up for the leader training! 

Blessings ~ The Camp Cross Team

God is Faithful

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Being faithful can be hard. Especially when you are in the middle of a season that seems to have no clear end in sight. The good news is that God is always faithful and we can be too, if we remember to look to Him in all things.

When I first came to theCross I was walking into a transitional period for the church. In November of 2015 Tom Kern, the faithful worship leader of 4+ years, was stepping down and I was asked to take over on an interim basis. It was a rocky road at first, but in my times of prayer I kept hearing God tell me that I needed to be faithful for a season. The hard part about seasons for us humans is that God rarely gives us a unit of time to measure said season. This is especially difficult for me. I like calendars, schedules, routines, timelines, plans, deadlines, Google forms, get the idea. All I knew was that God was calling me to be faithful. I kept putting one foot in front of the other, week after week, and on August 14th, 2016 – on our 5 year anniversary as a church – I was installed as the Worship Director at theCross. It was also a proud day in which my wife and I witnessed all 3 of our kiddos (London, McKinley, and Garrison) be Baptized.

In the past year we have grown as a team – in numbers of people, but also musically and spiritually. We have recently been challenged with adding a 3rd service (5FORTY7) and the entire team has stepped up big time! Many of you may not be aware, but if you serve on the worship team you are devoting anywhere from 12-15 hours a week to practice, rehearsal, and to serve all 3 services on Sunday. It’s a big ask, but everyone on the team knows that God calls us to be faithful. And it’s not just us up on the stage. Jon has done an amazing job building the tech team and I am honored to work with all of them every week. When you have a chance say hello to the men and women that run sound, lights, livestream, and ProPresenter week in and week out. Maybe your next step is to join them!

Over the past few months you may have noticed a new face on the stage with sweet glasses, rocking a man-bun, and mysteriously speaking into a microphone on stage. I have the incredible honor of working with and growing a friendship with Kharl Kapp. Kharl has been an incredible addition to our team as both a music director and a bass player. His wife, Kelsy, came to Africa with an NGO and completed her studies online. Kharl met her through their church and as he says, “I swept her off her feet and the rest is history! HaHa!”

Kharl’s background is in worship. He grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa in a family filled with musicians and singers. (South Africa? Yes, theCross is apparently a magnet for talented South Africans…and yes, Mark will take credit for bringing Kharl to theCross) After graduating from a 2 year Theology and Music Ministry program at Rhema Bible Church he started his career as a session bassist while working as one of two music directors at Rhema leading multiple bands, multiple services, and running megachurch conferences. Rhema was one of the first churches in South Africa to defy Apartheid laws and have non-racial church services - an example of what was to come in the new South Africa. It remains one of the most influential churches in the world. Today it proudly has a strong multicultural and multiracial congregation with tens of thousands in attendance every weekend.

Kharl has helped grow the culture of excellence in worship here at theCross and I am excited to announce that beginning on Sunday, August 13th – on our 6 year anniversary as a church – he will be installed as the new Director of Worship! God sent Kharl for such a time as this and I am blown away by God’s provision and faithfulness!

I will stay on as the full time Director of Communications. I will also remain on the worship team as one of many worship leaders on a growing and talented team that includes Linda and David.

I cannot help but be amazed by God’s timing. Exactly a year after I stepped into the role as Worship Director I am able to hand over the keys to Kharl on our 6 Year Anniversary. It has been one of my greatest honors in ministry to lead this team and I look forward to what God will do as he continues to grow His family of faith-filled, big-thinking followers.

I pray blessings over Kharl, the worship and tech teams, and our entire church for this coming season. Thank you for allowing me to lead and serve.

In Him,


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