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Jesus Is______: Sermon Series Preview

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We are a family of faith-filled, big-thinking followers of Jesus Christ. It’s imperative that if we are called to follow Jesus that we know who Jesus is. So who is Jesus Christ? Over the next five weeks we are going to be exploring who Jesus is and why that matters for our lives. Our series is called, Jesus Is ______________, and we’ll be diving back into some amazing Bible stories and passages to help us understand that Jesus is Grace, Jesus is Your Friend, Jesus is Happy, Jesus is the Point, and Jesus is Here

June 25th: Jesus is Grace

One of the first words that comes to mind when I think of Jesus is grace. Grace is getting a free gift that you do not deserve. One of the first words that comes to mind when people describe followers of Jesus is judgmental. Judgment is getting exactly what you do deserve. In other words, it’s the exact opposite of Jesus. How can we be content with representing Jesus this way? We have to give the world a better picture of who Jesus is and it starts by understanding exactly who He is. When we understand who He is, when we see that Jesus is the ultimate picture of grace, we too will want to be a people of grace.

July 2nd: Jesus is Your Friend

The Bible is pretty clear that all of us are sinners. None of us are worthy of having relationship with Jesus Christ, the perfect, sinless, Son of God. Yet, Jesus goes out of His way to find people that others go out of their way to avoid. Despite our sin, God cuts through that and invites us into relationship with Him. Because Jesus is a friend of sinners, he is your friend. And because He is your friend, He wants the best for you.  He loves you like you are, but doesn’t want to leave you like you are.

July 9th: Jesus is the Point 

People everywhere ponder the meaning of life, but they can’t agree on the answer. Is life about love? Is it about having a killer house with a nice car? Is it about having kids, or even better, grandkids? Pets?  Friends? Working hard so you can enjoy the weekend? Money in the bank? We spend most of our lives working furiously towards goals that, when achieved, turn out to still leave us longing for more. If anyone understood this it was the great King Solomon. Everything in life is meaningless if it’s without Jesus.

July 16th: Jesus is Happy

Jesus and joy are always a package deal. Jesus is the good news that brings us great joy! No matter what you have heard elsewhere, I want to remind you that the Gospel means good news. It is not bad news. It is not hell-fire-and-brimstone news. It’s good news. Great news. Over-the-moon news. God invented happiness. He came up with the concept of humor. He created our ability to have fun. If we love to be happy, and if we were created in his image, then how much more does God radiate joy? Jesus is happy, and so are we!

July 23rd: Jesus is Here  

We live in a world where many people think that God is distant and that He doesn’t care about the details of our lives. Jesus, however, was always someone who cared deeply about the people around Him, and He still cares today. Whether you are on Cloud Nine or going through difficulty, God is with you and He cares for you. Just as Jesus is here for us, so too we can be there for others who need Jesus in their lives.

In Christ, Pastor Zach

We hope you can join us for this sermon series. It’s going to be foundational for us at theCross! We owe a lot of credit to Pastor Judah Smith for his book entitled, “Jesus Is ________________,” in helping us craft this sermon series. If you want to go deeper, I recommend picking up a copy of his book! Click on the image below!

Be You: Sermon Series Preview

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Over the next four weeks we are going to be focusing on identity. In this world, we sacrifice our identity as God’s sons and daughters often and trade it for the things of this world. We often look to others to fulfill our purpose. Many of us walk around pretending to be someone that we are not in order to get the approval from others that we so desire.  We will hide behind masks; we will use our social media accounts to make ourselves look as good as we can. We will airbrush and edit our selfies hoping to get more Facebook likes or Instagram followers. 

"God wants to bless you, but He cannot bless who you pretend to be."


Over the next four weeks we are going on a journey looking at the story of Jacob, who I believe is the most insecure person in the entire Bible. We will learn how God can use broken people and how God has chosen what this world rejects. 

I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited to preach a sermon series than the one coming up!  You will not want to miss it and you will want to bring as many friends as you can!

May 21: The God of Jacob: In this message, we get introduced to Jacob and see that from the beginning he’s been in competition with his twin brother.  Even in the womb, these two were fighting. Jacob and Esau had a tumultuous relationship that was not helped at all by the favoritism shown by their parents. Eventually Jacob deceives his way into receiving his father’s blessing. He finally got something from his father, but once he has it, he was forced to spend the next couple of decades on the run.  He finally gets what he’s always wanted, but it didn’t turn out like he had planned. God doesn’t show favoritism. He loves you for who you are.  And he wants to use you, even the broken parts of you.  

May 28: Don’t Take the Beans: There are a lot of identities stolen each and every day in our nation. All of us have an identity in Christ. But it cannot be stolen. It can only be given away. At one point of Jacob’s life, Esau gives up his birthright for a bowl of beans that Jacob had cooked.  When we are famished, we more easily fall into temptation of trading in eternal blessings for immediate satisfaction. Don’t make that trade.   Don’t give away your eternal identity. If you’ve ever made that trade in the past, the good news is that our God will welcome us back. 

June 4: The Chosen: It’s not surprising that from a broken, insecure man like Jacob came a broken, insecure family. Through a crazy story that has more plot-line twists and turns that a “Real Housewives” season, Jacob ends up marrying two women: Rachel and Leah. The Bible describes Rachel as having a lovely figure and very beautiful.  Leah, however, is described as having weak eyes. It’s the Bible’s way of saying, “She had a great personality.” Being Rachel’s sister, she was forever overlooked in the eyes of the world, and even in the eyes of her husband Jacob. But what is overlooked in this world is not overlooked by God. God chose Leah to play an important role in the saving of the world.

June 11: Moving On: Sometimes our walk with God can be met with an unexpected turn. On the day that Rachel was giving birth to her second son, she would end up dying from the complication of the birth. The one whom Jacob loved was dead. It’s been a wild ride following this insecure, broken man, but we are encouraged by his maturity in this situation. He refuses to be downcast the rest of his life. He will not let this situation get the best of his family. At times, we are dealt with blows from this world, but we will not let this world get the best of us. We will move on. Knowing who we are, and what our future is as the children of God, by His grace, we will move on. 

Join us this Sunday as we kick off this series!

In Christ, 

Pastor Zach

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